Cindy & Kyra

Saturday, May 3, 2008


(From left: Ping,Heidi,Cindy & Kyra)

A sunny morning at Penang Youth Park, Ping and her husband brought their sweetie to join us to have a short "mothers-fathers-daughters" gathering. Ping has been a buddy since we were in kindergarten, then studied at the same primary school for six years, same secondary school for another consecutive six years, to be exact, we were in the same class for twelve years!

Ping got married 4 months before me, and of course i was her bridesmaid. And coincidentally, we were both pregnant and became mothers in the same year. Kyra (22 mth) & Heidi (20 mth), looking equally charming and loving, we wish you two can be best buddies, just like your mothers..

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