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Friday, May 9, 2008

A Star Student Quiz Contests

During Feb'08 & Mar'08, i got myself tighted up with quite a few of activities. Besides work and family, i helped organizing a quiz contest for kids aged 11-13. I was the Quiz Master in this event, so i was the one who came out with all those "funny" yet meaningful questions. I spent a lot of time googling as i wanted the quiz to be different from any other typical quizzes. I set questions from various aspects:general knowledge, mathematics and science, languages, IQ, technology, games, sports & etc...

Well, trust me, it was not a simple task. You got to think questions accordingly to their standard (if too low a standard, they feel no challenge, if too high a standard, they feel hurt). You got to think questions which are of their interests, otherwise their concentration will swing away (so some pop singers, hit movies, PS games questions is a must). You got to be well prepared and confidence with your suggested answers, just in case some whiz kids challenge you??

By the end of the preparation, i myself who gained a lot, in terms of knowledge, creativeness and interpersonal skill. And the feedback we got was surprisingly favourable and above our expectation.

Thanks to the team members' (we called ourselves the Humanity Team) hardwork and effort. We managed to attract approximately 80 kids in the first contest and collected around RM1000 for Tzu Chi Buddhist Centre. Due to the great responses received and the requests to have the quiz again, of course, when there is demand, there is supply, we had the quiz for the second time in Mar'08.

It was so fun and satisfied when you heard some of the kids saying:" huh, this type of question also got ah, but what is the answer huh? school never teach leh..."...And i had a good time laughing when the kids had to pass the movement challenges (balancing a book, throwing ball into box & ...) for them to qualify to answer questions set in the final round...

I am thinking of organizing some other fun learning activities, maybe... Fun English Day Camp ??

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