Cindy & Kyra

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Kyra's Little Gallery

Kyra has been working very hard lately, become a young artist! When she first started, she just scribbled, then she drew shapes, no, she drew only circles.She is good at drawing circles, big ones, small ones, slightly oval shape &...

One day, when i came home from work, my mother-in-law (who is also Kyra's daytime babysitter) showed me this drawing which she drew that afternoon. I was like: Boy!My girl is no more baby, she can draw now!

Isn't it look a bit like Barney??

Her drawings always start with a big round head, then big round eyes, then big round body. So, i taught her to add in nose, mouth, ears,arms and legs. But she was quite forgetful in the beginning, often left out some of the parts :-)

I guess i must have watched too much Aliens' movies during my pregnancy,LOL! But note, she has remembered all the body parts!

Then i realized, i forgot to teach her draw hair!Well, she is a fast learner, no sweat!

And i know, she will draw like these in no time, LOL!

Welcome to Kyra's Little Gallery!

Friday, July 31, 2009

Happy Birthday my little princess!

Kyra celebrated her 3y-o birthday today. She was thrilled to see her Barbie Doll birthday cake and this very special movie clip that i made for her.

She kept asking "who is this baby?" at the beginning, then after a while i asked her back "who is this baby?" and she said "it's Kyra" very embarrassingly...

By the way, i love this song ~ A You Are Adorable, hope you like it too!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Tribute to Yasmin Ahmad ~ A local talented filmmaker

I am sure the locals have come across her masterpieces very often from the television. For those who still don't know her, well, any of the Petronas TV commercials during festival season ring a bell to you?

Yasmin Ahmad, a highly acclaimed film director, award-winner both locally and internationally, passed away after suffering a stroke. Simply love her creations, below are a few which are in my must-watch list (the first went to "Funeral" that i posted on 14 April).

Tan Hong Ming In Love ~ this is cute!

Family ~ this is touching!

Chinese New Year (Our children)~ oohhh, such good reminder to us!


We will miss all these TV commercials in coming years festival season. Yasmin Ahmad, R.I.P...

Monday, July 6, 2009

The Standup Egg

Does everybody know that you can actually make an egg to stand up by its own on a specific day and time every year? Yes? No?

My niece took these pictures on the 5th day of the 5th lunar month of the Chinese calendar, aka Dragon Boat Day aka Dumplings Day, or Duan-Wu (in Chinese). She tested it out at 1200 noon sharp and it stood up for about 60 seconds (just enough time for her to dance around and took these 3 photos, LOL!)

Old people said that you will be lucky for the coming year if you can make an egg standing up on this particular day.But young people like us try to look for the scientific explanation(heehee!), such as below:-

The egg can standup easily is because the Dragon Boat Day is close to the summer solstice, which is the longest day of the year. The summer solstice occurs when the Earth's axis tilts the most toward the sun, causing the sun to be farthest north at noon. Sun reaches to the Tropic of Cancer in the northern hemisphere on the day of summer solstice. Before sun travels back to the southern hemisphere, it seems as if the sun stands still. When the gravitation between sun and earth are pulled each other to the most, an egg can stand up easier.

Well, this certainly sounds Greek to me, any other easier, more creative and less jargon way to explain this to a 3 year old??

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

TV commercial of LOVE - so touching!

Share with you two TV ads which are meaningful and touching...

Sunday, April 12, 2009

E for Egg, B for Bird, N for Nest

A week ago, when i was just back from work, Kyra pulled me to the garden and showed me something very exciting - a bird nest on a small plant in my garden! There were two tiny eggs inside the nest, and what made us thrilled was who on earth would think there would be a nest built on a small plant in a flower pot!

I didn't manage to snap the photo of the eggs. Frankly, i didn't think the eggs would make it, i mean incubated. Nevertheless i explained to Kyra that the eggs would turn into small birds, the birds would grow bigger and bigger until they are able to fly away - just like her bedtime story for the week "Soar, Eagle Soar". Two days later, the eggs turned into these small creatures.

Due to the heavy pour, one of them didn't make it, leaving the only one struggles hard to live. Today, we saw him resting steadily inside the nest, waiting for his mother to feed him and it has grown lovely black feathers.

Kyra will be busy monitoring its progress and updating me in these few days, and i am not sure how will she react when she finds it fly away and never get back to its nest one day. But one thing i am very sure is she has learnt well on Egg, Bird and Nest after this experience.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Baby or no baby??

Cindy & Kyra (2 mth)

March'09 is "shopping for baby shower gifts" month for me. I spend almost every weekend to shop for the gifts and visit my best friend and ex-colleague and their newborns. And today i came to know my favourite blogger Karen, had delivered her third son, Liam as well (read her story at Karen Cheng's Snippets of Life). Oh, babies!

Kyra will be three in this coming July, and i have been thinking of having a second one. You know, to accompany Kyra so that she won't feel lonely, don't want to spoil her because she's the only child and bla bla...Ok, the truth is i wanted a boy so badly! Ya, ya in term of this, i admitted that i'm a typical old chinese lady with old-fashioned thinking. But don't you think one is too less and two is just perfect (especially it's a boy)?!

So, my question is when do you know it's time for the 2nd, 3rd, 4th baby...?
Do you consider financial factor (nursing care & education), emotional factor (family and sibling's feeling towards the new member), physiological factor (high/low risk of pregnancy, previous complications during giving birth), or you just know it's time and just do it?

For my case, well the biological clock is ticking, i don't want to be a high-risk pregnant lady and needs to go through procedures. I kind of miss the feeling of being pregnant, ya know everyone treat you extra nice, you are responsible to eat good and eat more (with not feeling guilty), you are told to rest more (just leave the house chores to your hubby, haha!) &...

My mother-in-law babysits Kyra for me while i go to work. So, the next question is who will be looking after the second one? I will probably need to hire a helper at home so that she can help my mother-in-law to babysit both of them or one of them will need to be sent to nursery or babysitter. Of course this will incur some costs, and economy is bad now!

I have asked Kyra whether she liked the idea of having sister or brother, her first answer was no. But after visited my friend's newborn baby, she changed her answer to OK. :-) Now, the only person to persuade is my hubby! He once told me that one is enough, and he seems so contented with just Kyra. People said, daughters were fathers' lovers in their past lives, i kind of believe it now...

So, Mommies and Daddies out there, any great advice?

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Earth Hour - Malaysia is in the list!

Well, 4 more days to go before we have the global event of Earth Hour 2009, 28th March 2009, 8.30-9.30p.m. Proud thing is Malaysia is officially listed among the participating countries this year.

It will definitely be an amazing experience to see those important landmarks and buildings go dark in the city.Imagine some of the shopping malls, hotels, restaurants,KLCC, KL Tower, Penang Bridge will switch the lights off for that particular meaningful hour, can't wait to see "the scene".

For those who are interested in participating~Vote Earth by switching off the lights, here are some suggestions that you can do during Earth Hour:-

10 Things To Do During Earth Hour
1. Gather family & friends for a night picnic
2. Dine in one of the many Earth Hour participating restaurants by candlelight
3. Organise a family night playing board games
4. Throw an Earth Hour street party with your neighbours
5. Arrange a house party lit by torches
6. Take the dog for a night walk
7. Hand write a letter to loved one by lantern
8. Sit in the dark and share stories
9. Read a book using a book light.
10. Share a romantic night in with your loved one.

Still can't decide whether to vote or not? Watch this commercial, it sure motivates you to do so!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Kyra's new year fashion...

I know Chinese New Year is sooooo OVER. Just want to share with you my little princess mini fashion, i only bought her one, the rest were picked and paid by her grandparents :-)

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Long Lost Penpal-Found!!!

Gee, it was such a long break since i last updated. Well, there were so many things to blog about since beginning of 2009, mostly work and home stuff, but got so little time to write them down! So, i'm going to write something good as the first 2009 post.

I received a message in my facebook inbox from an unfamiliar sender one day. By the time i finished reading her message, there were tears in my eyes, and they were tears of joy. The message brought back so many sweet memories of my teenage life... it was from a long lost penpal.

I remembered i used to have quite a number of penpals, from all over the world. It was the time my stamp books started to increase :-) and the feeling to see a filled mailbox had never been so great!

I couldn't remember how long have i been penpalling, probably 5-6 years, and then the mails just get lesser and lesser, lesser and lesser...Also couldn't really remember what had kept us from writing, was it studies? exams? boys? parties? ... and finally, people just don't write on papers and get them posted with stamps anymore! And we lost contact!!!Life goes on... study, graduate, work, get time for "pals" who don't meet!

Becky Lowe - Thank You for remembering and searching for me! You took the initiative to search for me through facebook, and Facebook really works wonder!It got us back!!!...after 16 years... now we can continue our 'penpalling' through emails, it sure helps to save us some fortune on the stamps and fancy papers :-)

Becky, you reminded me that friendship never fades away, and this is for you...