Cindy & Kyra

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Kyra's Home Library

I came across an article about "home library" from the newspapers the other day and was very much into this idea of creating a little home library to my daughter,Kyra. Hence, I went to the small sticker booth and ordered a couple of hundred pieces of stickers with the wording:" This book belongs to Kyra Lee's Home Library, Dated.........". So, from now on, whenever she has a new book, we will help her stick it on until she is big enough to do this by herself.
I hope by doing so can help to cultivate her interest in reading books and fostering good habit of taking care of her books. What do you parents think? You can even practise this if you are a book lover, or collector :-)
If you wish to know more about home library, you may go to

Monday, August 20, 2007

First touch of sand...

Last Sunday, we brought Kyra to the beach with the intention to let her have her first touch of sand. She was so scared when i let her sit on the sand and cried when i let her stand on the sand and the wave splashed to her tiny feet. It took us a while to calm her down.
She started to enjoy playing with the sand when she saw other "che che" and "ko ko" buiding sand castles around her.
She fell sick the next day, i guess because we washed her with the cold pipe water :-( but this will never stop us from taking her to the beach again 'coz she just started to love it!
P/S:Never think she could get tanned so easily, i should have put sunblock on her :-)

Kyra turned 1!

Kyra finally turned one year old on the 31st July 2007. We dressed her up with the T-shirt specially embroided "i'm 1" (a gift from her Aunty Susan) and her first pair of shoes from the Clarks (a gift from her grandma). In the morning, we had a small praying ceremony and the interesting part was to let her pick the first thing from several items (book, calculator, egg, angpow and pen).
Guess what did she take as the first item? She picked up the book, then followed by the calculator. Haha,her grandma interpreted that she would be good in studying in the future :-)
We had a small birthday party for her in the evening. She was so curious and excited to see so many people turned up with gifts and of course a big Winnie cake placing in front of her.