Cindy & Kyra

Friday, October 31, 2008

Come, bake with mom...

I have been planning some activities that i wish to do with Kyra, for example: kids yoga, play piano, craft, cook and bake. But she is just 2+, maybe it's still too early to let her explore all these, right?

One fine afternoon, i planned to bake banana muffin (for the very first time). While i was getting ready for the ingredients, Kyra was beside following in and out, staring and asking me "mommy, what are you doing?"

So, i put her on her baby chair and let her watch. She is never that quiet when she is on her baby chair, never even when she is eating. She looked curious and interested. Seeing that, i let her help me clean the utensils, pour the ingredients into the mixer and place the muffin cups. Hey, she was helpful indeed!

When it was done, she counted the number of muffins on the table, "1, 2, 3.....10", "mommy, 10!" but actually there were 14 of them. Apparently, she only learned until 10, haha!

Monday, October 27, 2008

DH in the kitchen...

Sometimes, my hubby has the "mood" to go inside the kitchen and make us some special meals, particularly seafood.

Today, he went out to hunt for some crabs and made us some "roast crabs".

Well, the whole kitchen was covered by the 'roast=yummy' smell during his cooking, and we were already waited eagerly by the dining table.

The meal was perfect, though we should have bought more crabs...