Cindy & Kyra

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

TV commercial of LOVE - so touching!

Share with you two TV ads which are meaningful and touching...

Sunday, April 12, 2009

E for Egg, B for Bird, N for Nest

A week ago, when i was just back from work, Kyra pulled me to the garden and showed me something very exciting - a bird nest on a small plant in my garden! There were two tiny eggs inside the nest, and what made us thrilled was who on earth would think there would be a nest built on a small plant in a flower pot!

I didn't manage to snap the photo of the eggs. Frankly, i didn't think the eggs would make it, i mean incubated. Nevertheless i explained to Kyra that the eggs would turn into small birds, the birds would grow bigger and bigger until they are able to fly away - just like her bedtime story for the week "Soar, Eagle Soar". Two days later, the eggs turned into these small creatures.

Due to the heavy pour, one of them didn't make it, leaving the only one struggles hard to live. Today, we saw him resting steadily inside the nest, waiting for his mother to feed him and it has grown lovely black feathers.

Kyra will be busy monitoring its progress and updating me in these few days, and i am not sure how will she react when she finds it fly away and never get back to its nest one day. But one thing i am very sure is she has learnt well on Egg, Bird and Nest after this experience.