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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Kyra's Home Library

I came across an article about "home library" from the newspapers the other day and was very much into this idea of creating a little home library to my daughter,Kyra. Hence, I went to the small sticker booth and ordered a couple of hundred pieces of stickers with the wording:" This book belongs to Kyra Lee's Home Library, Dated.........". So, from now on, whenever she has a new book, we will help her stick it on until she is big enough to do this by herself.
I hope by doing so can help to cultivate her interest in reading books and fostering good habit of taking care of her books. What do you parents think? You can even practise this if you are a book lover, or collector :-)
If you wish to know more about home library, you may go to

Monday, August 20, 2007

First touch of sand...

Last Sunday, we brought Kyra to the beach with the intention to let her have her first touch of sand. She was so scared when i let her sit on the sand and cried when i let her stand on the sand and the wave splashed to her tiny feet. It took us a while to calm her down.
She started to enjoy playing with the sand when she saw other "che che" and "ko ko" buiding sand castles around her.
She fell sick the next day, i guess because we washed her with the cold pipe water :-( but this will never stop us from taking her to the beach again 'coz she just started to love it!
P/S:Never think she could get tanned so easily, i should have put sunblock on her :-)

Kyra turned 1!

Kyra finally turned one year old on the 31st July 2007. We dressed her up with the T-shirt specially embroided "i'm 1" (a gift from her Aunty Susan) and her first pair of shoes from the Clarks (a gift from her grandma). In the morning, we had a small praying ceremony and the interesting part was to let her pick the first thing from several items (book, calculator, egg, angpow and pen).
Guess what did she take as the first item? She picked up the book, then followed by the calculator. Haha,her grandma interpreted that she would be good in studying in the future :-)
We had a small birthday party for her in the evening. She was so curious and excited to see so many people turned up with gifts and of course a big Winnie cake placing in front of her.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Homestyle Cucuk Udang

Never in my life would I imagine Cooking to be one of my favourite pastimes. Since married and stepped into Motherhood, it really changed my style of living. From a “tomboy” since young, all of my time was spent in studies and sports, catching me cooking in the kitchen or doing other household chores is a difficult task!

Now, becoming a mother, almost everything changes. Of course still considered not good at cooking, but at least have interest to improve my cooking skills. Surely, I wish my little girl can be like Chinese proverb saying, “入得厨房,出得厅堂 (direct translation: presentable both inside the kitchen and outside the living room), hence, I would better set a good example myself :-)

Here, I wish to share with you my mother-in-law’s recipe - “Homestyle Cucuk Udang”. It’s quite simple to prepare (comparing to her on hand recipes like Curry Fish, Hokkien Mee, Laksa & …) and I’m sure you will have a great time preparing and enjoying the yummy cucuk udang with your love ones.

Homestyle Cucuk Udang

Ingredients: 500g oat flour (1 pkt 1kg cost around RM1.80, so use half of it)
600g small prawns
2 eggs
½ tbs of salt
bean sprouts (around RM0.30)
1 bunch of Chinese chives (Kuchai in Hokkien)

Preparation: Wash and drain the bean sprouts. Wash and drain the chives, and cut into strips. In a big bowl, add the oat flour, prawns, eggs, salt, bean sprouts and chives together. Add some water and stir the mixture. Keep on adding water and stir the mixture until it becomes half liquid. (just like pic.1)

Add oil to the preheated pan, scoop out the mixture (portion by portion) using a soup ladle and fry it. When it turns golden yellow colour, you may scoop out another portion and fry it until you finish all the mixture.

Saurce Ingredients: chillies, garlic, sugar and lemon.
Preparation: Blend the chillies and garlic. Add some sugar and lemon and stir it.

Enjoy and hope to hear your feedback on this recipe!

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Little Puppet Show

Hi Parents,

I wish to share with you some very interesting art & craft activity which i've learnt from my best friend, Swee Lin. Swee Lin organises activity class at her taska every Saturday, and this was what we did together with the kids last Saturday - a Puppet Show.

Kyra had a good time watching and listening to the elder Ko Ko and Che Che presenting their puppet shows. We had a good laugh when a British kid,
Kai presented his show, he had so many puppets (all his family members, including his grands and his dog!) with his house as the background. Another Japanese boy, Yuki showed off his beetle dinosours fighting each other (too much of Ultraman, i think).

Anyway, i sincerely think it is a good activity that can let your kids' creativity and imagination flourish.

Find a good weekend and do this activity together with your kids, they will love it!

WHAT you need:
1. A box ( any size of box, eg. shoe box, milk powder box & etc...)
2. 2 pieces of paper
3. Colour pencils or crayon
4. some cloth
5. Needle and thread
6. Scissors
7. Glue
8. Sticks

HOW to do:
1. First, let your children draw the background using colour pencils or crayon by themselves.
The background can be anywhere, under the sea, in a garden, your house,

2. Then, ask them to draw the puppets, it can be people, animals, cartoons, dinosaurs!!

3. Next, cut the front side of the box and the top part of the box (so that you can put your puppets inside)

4. Paste the background to the box, cut the puppet and glue it on the stick.

5. Cut the cloth into two pieces, sew it to the box and... you're done and ready for the show!

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Kyra's Birthday Gift

Hi Everyone! This is me and my little princess, Kyra, having a great time in our 'super' big pool at home. Guess what? Kyra is having her 1st Birthday on this coming 31st of July. I'm thinking of giving her something very special as her 1st Birthday gifts. Here's my plan:-

a) a T-shirt with " I'm 1" (anyone can tell where can i print/embroidery the wording)

b) a 12-month calendar with her photos taken monthly right from her birth till she's one (starting from July'06 - July'07)

c) a winnie the pooh b'day cake (her first soft toy)

Any interesting ideas from you?
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