Cindy & Kyra

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Kyra's Little Gallery

Kyra has been working very hard lately, become a young artist! When she first started, she just scribbled, then she drew shapes, no, she drew only circles.She is good at drawing circles, big ones, small ones, slightly oval shape &...

One day, when i came home from work, my mother-in-law (who is also Kyra's daytime babysitter) showed me this drawing which she drew that afternoon. I was like: Boy!My girl is no more baby, she can draw now!

Isn't it look a bit like Barney??

Her drawings always start with a big round head, then big round eyes, then big round body. So, i taught her to add in nose, mouth, ears,arms and legs. But she was quite forgetful in the beginning, often left out some of the parts :-)

I guess i must have watched too much Aliens' movies during my pregnancy,LOL! But note, she has remembered all the body parts!

Then i realized, i forgot to teach her draw hair!Well, she is a fast learner, no sweat!

And i know, she will draw like these in no time, LOL!

Welcome to Kyra's Little Gallery!