Cindy & Kyra

Monday, August 20, 2007

Kyra turned 1!

Kyra finally turned one year old on the 31st July 2007. We dressed her up with the T-shirt specially embroided "i'm 1" (a gift from her Aunty Susan) and her first pair of shoes from the Clarks (a gift from her grandma). In the morning, we had a small praying ceremony and the interesting part was to let her pick the first thing from several items (book, calculator, egg, angpow and pen).
Guess what did she take as the first item? She picked up the book, then followed by the calculator. Haha,her grandma interpreted that she would be good in studying in the future :-)
We had a small birthday party for her in the evening. She was so curious and excited to see so many people turned up with gifts and of course a big Winnie cake placing in front of her.

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