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Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Little Puppet Show

Hi Parents,

I wish to share with you some very interesting art & craft activity which i've learnt from my best friend, Swee Lin. Swee Lin organises activity class at her taska every Saturday, and this was what we did together with the kids last Saturday - a Puppet Show.

Kyra had a good time watching and listening to the elder Ko Ko and Che Che presenting their puppet shows. We had a good laugh when a British kid,
Kai presented his show, he had so many puppets (all his family members, including his grands and his dog!) with his house as the background. Another Japanese boy, Yuki showed off his beetle dinosours fighting each other (too much of Ultraman, i think).

Anyway, i sincerely think it is a good activity that can let your kids' creativity and imagination flourish.

Find a good weekend and do this activity together with your kids, they will love it!

WHAT you need:
1. A box ( any size of box, eg. shoe box, milk powder box & etc...)
2. 2 pieces of paper
3. Colour pencils or crayon
4. some cloth
5. Needle and thread
6. Scissors
7. Glue
8. Sticks

HOW to do:
1. First, let your children draw the background using colour pencils or crayon by themselves.
The background can be anywhere, under the sea, in a garden, your house,

2. Then, ask them to draw the puppets, it can be people, animals, cartoons, dinosaurs!!

3. Next, cut the front side of the box and the top part of the box (so that you can put your puppets inside)

4. Paste the background to the box, cut the puppet and glue it on the stick.

5. Cut the cloth into two pieces, sew it to the box and... you're done and ready for the show!

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