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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Tribute to Yasmin Ahmad ~ A local talented filmmaker

I am sure the locals have come across her masterpieces very often from the television. For those who still don't know her, well, any of the Petronas TV commercials during festival season ring a bell to you?

Yasmin Ahmad, a highly acclaimed film director, award-winner both locally and internationally, passed away after suffering a stroke. Simply love her creations, below are a few which are in my must-watch list (the first went to "Funeral" that i posted on 14 April).

Tan Hong Ming In Love ~ this is cute!

Family ~ this is touching!

Chinese New Year (Our children)~ oohhh, such good reminder to us!


We will miss all these TV commercials in coming years festival season. Yasmin Ahmad, R.I.P...

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