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Friday, September 12, 2008

Kyra's cousin brother - Ming Ray

I'm not a good swimmer, just know how to swim backstroke. Luckily, my husband can swim better. So, we always want Kyra to start her swimming lesson early. But hey, look at her cousin brother, Ming Ray, he was actually snorkeling already!

Ray is two years older than Kyra. He was being thrown into the pool when he was about seven or eight month old, and since then he swims with his parents almost every week.

This video was taken when they went snorkeling at Pulau Redang in July. It was amazing to see Ray snorkeling alone, what a brave boy! I think he is our future Malaysian Michael Phelps, don't you think so?!

Enjoy the video...

1 comment:

sineo said...

Thanks for promoting Ray :-P

We are starting real swimming coaching on him now since he is 4 and more able to 'listen' hahaha....
Just got him to learn back float yesterday and he able to do it now :-)