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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Cuti-cuti Malaysia - Part 1

My husband and i love travelling and we have not been doing so for almost two years ever since little Kyra was borned. So, we decided to go Cuti-cuti Malaysia with our little princess this year. The reasons for travelling within Malaysia was partly due to the recent dramatic hike of oil price (which has caused inflationary effects on so many things!) and more importantly, i always think that being a Malaysian, it's always good to know the beauty of our own country better than other countries first.

Our first destination was Genting Highlands, Pahang. Kyra was still asleep and enjoyed her sweet dreams when we took off early in the morning. She woke up two hours later and was surprised that we were in the car and having a long car journey. We were worrying that she might not be comfortable in a long journey but it turned out to be okay, she just enjoyed singing the nursery songs while looking at the scenery from the window!

Kyra at Genting Highlands

Kyra was almost shouting at me when she saw the merry-go-round, at the minute i held her on the horse, she was scared and wanted to go down. Of course i didn't let her, we had paid for it, girl!

Kyra & Cindy were merrying-go-round

Kyra actions in Genting:-

Gee, mom, give me a hand...

Looking out from the caterpillar train

Kyra & Mickey

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