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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Long Lost Penpal-Found!!!

Gee, it was such a long break since i last updated. Well, there were so many things to blog about since beginning of 2009, mostly work and home stuff, but got so little time to write them down! So, i'm going to write something good as the first 2009 post.

I received a message in my facebook inbox from an unfamiliar sender one day. By the time i finished reading her message, there were tears in my eyes, and they were tears of joy. The message brought back so many sweet memories of my teenage life... it was from a long lost penpal.

I remembered i used to have quite a number of penpals, from all over the world. It was the time my stamp books started to increase :-) and the feeling to see a filled mailbox had never been so great!

I couldn't remember how long have i been penpalling, probably 5-6 years, and then the mails just get lesser and lesser, lesser and lesser...Also couldn't really remember what had kept us from writing, was it studies? exams? boys? parties? ... and finally, people just don't write on papers and get them posted with stamps anymore! And we lost contact!!!Life goes on... study, graduate, work, get time for "pals" who don't meet!

Becky Lowe - Thank You for remembering and searching for me! You took the initiative to search for me through facebook, and Facebook really works wonder!It got us back!!!...after 16 years... now we can continue our 'penpalling' through emails, it sure helps to save us some fortune on the stamps and fancy papers :-)

Becky, you reminded me that friendship never fades away, and this is for you...

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Kristin at My Art and the Mom in Me said...

What a wonderful story!! Thanks for sharing it with us.. What a great feeling it must be to be reunited, yay for Facebook!