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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Cuti-cuti Malaysia - Part 3

This post is about our last vacation of year 2008. We finally made it as planned to Langkawi Island last weekend. There were several "first" things happened during this trip, to summarize:-

1. First trio trip (Daddy, Mommy & Kyra, we were being accompanied by my mother-in-law in the past few trips)
2. Kyra's first fly experience! (though it was just half an hour flight)
3. Kyra's third visit to an aquarium but first time seeing penguins live!
4. Kyra's first night out at the hotel lounge! (her orange juice cost more than her dad's beer!)

5. Kyra's first time seeing crocodiles live!
6. Kyra's first time splashing water at the pool by her own!

and this is going to be my first long post (in terms of pictures, haha!)

Waiting excitedly for the plane to take off. Mommy, i am scared yet can't wait for the plane to fly!

Phew! We landed safely and Kyra showing no uncomfortableness during the 30 minutes flight. What a relief!

We spent 2 nights at Awana Porto Malai Langkawi Hotel, 4 star hotel with splendid seaview.

A sunrise view from our hotel room.

One of the major activities in Langkawi Island is island hopping and snorkeling. However we excluded this activity as Kyra is still small and can't swim yet. Anyway, we had a great time swimming in the hotel pool.

She used to be quite afraid of water and would hold on me very tight, but this time she just enjoyed playing with water by herself!

Well, we let her have the big, soft, comfy bed during her daytime nap. At night, she was being sandwiched in the middle by hubby and me. I did not sleep well for those two nights as she streched and kicked me most of the time!

It was not the first time Kyra been to an aquarium. Her first visit was to Penang Aquarium ( a small aquarium at hometown), her second was to KLCC Aquaria (world-class) and now The Underwater World Langkawi.

Both mommy and Kyra were so excited to see penguins live!

It took us about thirty minutes drive from our hotel to the Crocodile Farm. Can you see the crocodiles at the back?

We were lucky to reach the farm at the right timing where we got to watch the show and crocodile feeding.

Kyra posing at the Petronas Quay.

Mommy and Kyra posing in front of the giant eagle statue at Dataran Lang.
Kyra:" Mommy, the eagle is not going to fly away?"
Mommy:" No, dear, this is her home."

Daddy and Kyra on their way up to the waterfall at Seven Wells. We didn't manage to climb up to the seven wells (45 minutes of this steepish staircase!), just compromised with the small waterfall in 10 minutes walk.

Kyra posing with her jumbo lollipop.

Kyra's first night out at the hotel lounge. She loved the singing and her drink as well. Her glass of orange juice cost more than her dad's Heineken! (Langkawi Island is a duty free island, beers and liquor is normally cheaper than juices and mineral water, haha!)

Mommy and Kyra posing at the Porto Malai pier.

Daddy and Kyra strolling leisurely at the Porto Malai pier.


Shawie said...

wow! your daughter is so lucky, it's a very beautiful place!:)

lunaticg said...

maybe will be going to langkawi this weekend, most probably. going to alor setar on thursday.

Carey said...

Aww it looks like you guys had a great time! And you'll have lots of good memories for years to come too. I can't get over the fact that the oj was more expensive than the beer though!

Cindy said...

(Carey) Haha, sure it is, Orange juice MYR12.50 and one tin of Heineken MYR10

Joyce G. Emor said...

Wow a well deserved vacation....Congrats you seemed you all enjoyed the place and the moment. Enjoy life more.

TNH said...

your daughter really seem like a nice trip

Euroangel said...

guess you enjoyed ur vacation...thanks 4 d visit! tc